Anuj Agrawal is a digital media enthusiast in the DC area, with a passion for understanding what makes consumers tick. From the fundamentals of designing products that are engaging to understanding the psychology of the buying process, he has helped companies develop innovative consumer experiences.

Anuj graduated from the Wharton School and has since been involved with a number of small/mid-size growth companies in the Northeast. While also an engineering graduate from Carnegie Mellon, his technical knowledge combined with an extensive background in product management has enabled him to drive digital media product development at past employers including Intel and Virgin Mobile USA.

While he’s not busy playing around with the latest and greatest mobile apps, Anuj enjoys taking orders from his 1-year old daughter, tackling amateur DIY projects with his wife, experimenting with new recipes on the grill, following the heartbreak that is Syracuse basketball, and reading up on the latest business and technology publications.

Feel free to contact Anuj at anujagra [at] gmail dot com or follow him on Twitter @anujagra.


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The Apple iPhone Strategy: We’ve Seen This Before

It’s hard to read about Apple’s iPhone event the other day without being confronted with a flood of disappointed customers.  Hundreds of case studies have been written that focus on Apple, which is getting kind of annoying – isn’t there another successful company that…

ZipTip’s Mobile Payment App Makes it Easy to Acknowledge Great Service

With the trend of people increasingly using their credit/debit cards and the growing options of mobile payments, our society is becoming less cash-focused.  A sample size of 1, myself, can tell you that I rarely use cash these days to pay for anything.  I prefer the…

Goshi: The Location Based Marketplace


A new startup out of Chicago is creating a fully mobile and localized application aimed at transforming the classifieds marketplace.  Goshi allows people to use their mobile phones to post items they are both looking for, as well as items they want to sell….

Food for Thought: Analyzing the Pizza Industry for Startup Ideas


Last week, I hit a new pizza place in town that was fantastic, and it struck me how something as old pizza can continually get better and better.  After all, as the comparisons go, “Even when pizza is bad it’s still pretty good”.  For…

Is the Battle for the Living Room Becoming Over-Rated?

The time is coming when we think of the TV as just another monitor in the house and screen in our lives.  Ever since WebTV took the stage back in the 90s, there has been a battle for owning the living room. Back in…

Mobile Payment Apps – A Starbucks Case Study

Starbucks Scan

Being a relatively new father, I’ve gone from being a non-coffee drinker to a Starbucks Gold Card member.  So when I first found the Starbucks iPhone app, it was an app that gained instant placement on my first screen, a designation that is hard…