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Microsoft Employees Protest US Army Contract

More than 100 Microsoft employees have called for an end to the technology company's contract to build HoloLens AR tech for the US military. Microsoft currently holds a $479 million contract to help the army "increase lethality" with AR. Here's what it all means.

Fleet Management

What Is Fleet Management?

A Fleet Management System (FMS) is the combination of hardware and software that modern operators rely on to efficiently manage their business cars, vans and trucks. The best FMSs have ELD tracking, route optimization, fuel tracking, security features and more. Find out more.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Revealed: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung's new lineup of phones comes with better fingerprint sensors, fancier Infinity screens, and wireless charging capabilities. The Galaxy S10 starts at $900, the Galaxy S10 Plus starts at $1000, and the Samsung S10e starts at $750. Pre-orders open February 21.

Fleet Management

Geotab Fleet Management Review

Geotab’s range is hard to beat: Their services work for light or heavy vehicles in small or large fleets, and are highly customizable. However, their customer service is provided by third-party resellers and might be irregular. Check our review of GeoTab's software and devices


Apple Acquires Pullstring for Improved Voice AI

Apple has purchase PullString, a start up that specialises in voice activated toys. What turned PullString into Apple's Dreamhouse? It's a sign that the tech giant is increasingly interested in the power of audio AI and sees itself as a major player in the space.


Amazon Cancels New York HQ, But What About The Reporting?

Amazon might be reconsidering its New York HQ expansion. But, the truly interesting news here may be how the story was broken by the Amazon-owned Washington Post, in a strangely-framed story whose conclusions have since been disputed by the New York Times. Here's our take.


What is Trump’s American AI Initiative?

President Trump just issued a new executive order on AI. Here's all the details you need about the nuts and bolts of what's been signed, what it all might look like in practice, and how it stacks up against AI research efforts not taking place under our star-spangled flag.

Web Design

How Much Does a Website Designer Cost?

A good website designer can create a handmade, bespoke website that attracts the right customers for any company, small or large. But, every business has different requirements. Here's a look at the features a website designer can create and how much you can expect to pay.