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Fleet Management

What Is Fleet Management?

A Fleet Management System (FMS) is the combination of hardware and software that modern operators rely on to efficiently manage their business cars, vans and trucks. The best FMSs have ELD tracking, route optimization, fuel tracking, security features and more. Find out more.


5 New Facts to Know About Virtual Assistants in 2019

In 2019, voice assistants are huge. Now, thanks to a new report out from a UN agency that collates studies of smart voice assistants, we have the latest facts, stats, and insights on the rise of the tech. Here's where, why, and how often we're opening up to our smart speakers.

Fleet Management

Geotab Fleet Management Review

Geotab’s range is hard to beat: Their services work for light or heavy vehicles in small or large fleets, and are highly customizable. However, their customer service is provided by third-party resellers and might be irregular. Check our review of GeoTab's software and devices


Amazon Patent Could Mean Alexa Is Always Listening In

Amazon might be developing a technology for its Alexa-enabled devices that lets them record audio before first hearing a wake word like "Alexa." If a new patent application from Amazon goes into effect, the devices could constantly record audio around them.

Web Design

How Much Does a Website Designer Cost?

A good website designer can create a handmade, bespoke website that attracts the right customers for any company, small or large. But, every business has different requirements. Here's a look at the features a website designer can create and how much you can expect to pay.

Website Builders

How to Redesign a Website

For businesses, a website is the path to new clients, a better first impression, and a healthier bottom line. Yet, an outdated website can hamper all of these – which is why it might be time to redesign your website. We explain the fundamentals of website redesign.

Fleet Management

US Fleet Tracking Review 2019

US Fleet Tracking offer a raft of live GPS solutions for vehicles- used for everything from construction fleets, to law enforcement, to small businesses like plumbing or landscaping. Find out how they could improve your business in our 2019 review.


Study: 73% of Smart Tech Predictions Are Now Reality

Thanks to a big meta-analysis of tech predictions from the past 31 years, we now know exactly how likely our predictions are to come true, and honestly, it's a little higher than I would have thought: 73% of smart tech predictions from the last three decades have become reality.