Fully Remote Jobs at Google You Can Apply for in May 2024

Google has remote positions open for roles including software engineers, tech leads, and sales specialists. Can you land one?

It’s May! The sun is shining, the lawns are mowed, and, most importantly, 5G wireless internet is crackling across the country, ushering in remote-eligible jobs to everyone with a pulse and a spreadsheet.

As one of the biggest brands in tech, Google is a top resume-builder for any white collar worker. And the company is flexing its power even more than normal so far in 2024, with its ongoing rollout of AI-powered summaries leaving every SEO expert shaking in their boots.

Meanwhile, the job market is remaining tight, thanks to years of layoffs across the tech industry. But that’s just why landing a fully remote position is more important than ever: You won’t have to relocate in the event of a future layoff, and you’ll lower your own investment of time and money into an ultimately unneeded commute.

If you’re interested in a remote position at Google, you’re in the right spot. Here, we round up the best curently open positions at the global company, along with a few tips on interviewing for work-from-home positions and what benefits or downsides you can expect from the experience.

Fully Remote Jobs at Google for 2024

We found exactly 57 open positions at Google when using the “remote eligible” tag to curate their career website. That’s down five jobs from the time we checked last month, so say goodbye to your potential position as a staff software engineer in Texas. Unless, of course, you landed that position — in which case, what are you reading this for? Get back to work!

Each job position comes with its home office listed in the description, but this doesn’t mean you’ll need to live in that area: The jobs are all listed as remote, so you should be able to complete them from anywhere in the country.

Here’s a diverse selection of the top open roles at Google this month, all of which can be completed from your home office, your sofa, or a beach in Costa Rica with your digital nomad visa.

Google has dozens more positions open at the moment, but these aren’t ghost jobs: The whole crop will be replaced with even more by next month. So, head over to the company website and start applying today.

Nailing a Fully Remote Job Interview

Job interviews are tough in the best of times: Not only do you need to be able to do the job, you need to come across as cool, collected, and affable in the interview itself. Add in the remote component, and you’ll need to work even harder to prove that you’re the right person for the job.

Qualities that you’ll want to demonstrate in order to look appealing in a remote position include: Efficency, confidence, decision-making, self-support, and technical knowledge of any apps or software you’ll be using.

If you can prepare ahead of time by thinking of a handful of work anecdotes that display how you embody those traits, you’ll be ready to go.

Pros and Cons of Remote vs In-Office Work

Is going remote for you? As many have noted, in-office work is the best environment for some, while others prefer working remote.

The difference may come down to how big a self-starter you are. I know several workers personally who have struggled with remote positions because they need the structure of a busy office space in order to lock into their workload.

I love working entirely remotely, however: I can still hobnob with my coworkers during web conferencing calls, but I get most of my day to myself to access the deep focus I need for my job. Remote work has been connected to higher revenues, while 98% of remote workers say it boosts their productivity. 

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Plus, remote work helps everyone, since it adds the flexibility that parents or caretakers need in their lives, while opening up a path for those with chronic illness or disability to earn a living.

Granted, there are downsides: In one survey of two hundred C-Suite executives, 41% admitted to bias against remote workers when considering who would be promoted.

Which Companies Offer the Most Remote Jobs?

CEOs might not love the idea, but remote jobs are never going away. They just make too much sense in today’s interconnected world, where countless white collar positions can be done from anywhere in the world, saving workers and managers money in the process.

In 2024, a huge percentage of the top tech companies offer at least some remote or hybrid positions, and those that don’t are missing out on top talent. Microsoft is the most remote friendly of all the big names, with well over a thousand open remote positions available this month alone, and a track record of supporting remote work that extends even earlier than the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apple is another big tech company to consider, although the fully remote positions are few and far between. Like any major corporation, it has a lot of internal positions that you might be able move back and forth within in order to build your resume (and hopefully your salary, dry promotions notwithstanding).

In the end, any company that offers flexible work options may be worth sending a resume to. The job market is still tough for workers, but the pendulum will eventually swing back again.

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