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5 Ways to Increase Your App Store Optimization

So, you’ve built your mobile app and it’s live on the app store of your choice. You’ve put hours and hours into this project and you’re excited that it’s over, but you’ve realized that nobody is downloading your app yet. How strange, you might...


5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid

These days, brands in all shapes and sizes are posting actively on social media sites, trying to get their market’s attention. If you’re launching a new brand or business, you need to prepare to fight for some of the social user’s precious browsing time....


11 Mistakes That Can Trigger Startup Failure

Research has proven that 90 percent startups fail after five years. For an aspiring entrepreneur, this stat can be disturbing, unless you have the right tips tools at you disposal to get the job done. Every entrepreneur’s dream is to break even and thrive...