Benjamin Roussey is the co-founder of Infinista, a digital marketing agency specializing in web design and development, SEO, and social media marketing.


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Walbum: Your World Made Livelier with Images

Walbum Photo App

Walbum is a mobile photo app that geographically tags every single picture and video that a user posts to his/her timeline, automatically. Once it figures out your location, it tells you what events are going on around you, in real time! Not only that,…

Send Messages Like a Secret Agent with Privy

Privy app

Worried about the security of your information on your smartphone? Well, now you can rest easy since there is Privy Top Secret app to keep your messages and data safe from prying eyes. The privy app is available for android as well as iPhone…

Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Brings Your Home Screen to Life


An amazing app from Varmias has finally arrived to make all weather-freak Android users happy. Weatherback Weather Wallpaper is an Android app that instantly fills your screen with magical weather effects without dismantling the existing wallpaper. The sensational weather …

Sortly Adds QR Labels and Video Creation


Sortly, currently featured by Apple, just released version 5 of itself. The moving and inventory app added the ability to create videos and QR labels as part of their new release to make moving even more simple and seamless for users. The video feature…

KPI Alerts: Business Metrics Dashboard on Your Phone

phone analytics KPI

‘All we need is data, and all we want to see is trends!’ – This has become a cliché. Irrespective of your role in the business, you need data and trends to sail through and run your show effectively. No matter if you are…