Blaire Jones is a law fellow at National Public Radio and a new graduate of Georgetown Law. While spending the summer of 2010 as an associate at a Romanian law firm, Blaire became a venture enthusiast, dedicated to helping companies thrive by removing legal obstacles and managing risk. Blaire is a two-time winner of Georgetown’s Jean Shirley Frohlicher scholarship and a CALI Award for her paper on “Smarter Smart Money: Venture Financing in the New Economy.”


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The Moonlight Hustle

Moonlight Hustle

It’s unbelievably hard to find your rung on the career ladder now. At least 9.1% of us can’t even grab a hold, and vastly more of us, maybe even 71%, are not where we want to be with our work. The recession is one…

Smarter Smart Money

Smarter Smart Money

Smarter money is available for less innovative companies Although game-changing innovation is expensive, laborious, time intensive and unplumbed, companies relying on existing technology find the market place (especially the ITC market) to be crowded, competitive, and cheap. Because starting a company is so much…

Venture Capital: Tarnish on the Brass Ring

Brass Ring

Until 2001, information technology and communications investments (ITC)—the bread and butter of VC portfolios—outperformed the economy by 50% for almost 40 years, owing largely to immaturity of the sector. There were periods during this time when VC-backing conveyed a kind of celebrity status on…

Book Review: Harvesting Intangible Assets by Andrew Sherman


Consider, for a moment, all the roles that you play as an entrepreneur. Innovator, manager, marketer, enthusiast, salesman, strategist—the list goes on forever, but does it include farmer? If it doesn’t, it will by the time you finish reading Harvesting Intangible Assets. Entrepreneurs are…