Brian O’Connor is a 20-year veteran in the business and consulting industry, bringing strategic consulting and marketing expertise to Fortune 500 clients around the world. Brian helps organizations navigate a course to growth and prosperity with a unique blend of strategic insight, entrepreneurial spirit, and operational prowess. Tapping into Brian’s insight allows organizations to overcome challenges and identify and execute on untapped opportunities.


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The Hardest Lesson B2B Software Product Managers Learn

As a B2B software product manager, you spend your day responding to internal and external requests for help. In between these requests you find time to manage requirements, roadmaps, and customer intelligence all before you invest the necessary time politicking for your team. ...


For B2B Software Businesses, Change Is all about Timing

Product managers work at the nexus of marketing, sales, product, and engineering, which makes them often among the first to see trouble on the horizon. When a good product manager sees trouble brewing, he gathers facts, figures, and customer feedback that supports his case....