Highly productive slacker at GrindHub and the general DC tech community. I'm an advocate for cultural and gender diversity in the tech industry. Also, I'm a latin dancer nerd and foodie.


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A Response to Jonathan Aberman DC Tech Identity Question

7 Hottest Startups Coming Out of DC Area Universities

I recently read Jonathan Aberman’s piece in The Washington Post, “Our identity question – What exactly is ‘D.C. Tech?’”. There was no real opinion to extract from the piece, and – worse – the entire thing felt like mere clickbait. The points I agreed…

Kanye Should Use These Startup Lessons for DONDA

Kanye Should Use These Startup Lessons for DONDA

Whether you loathe or truly despise him, Kanye West has established himself as a successful rapper and a visionary in the eyes of fans, media and music industry. Yeezy declares himself to be many things: designer, fashion trendsetter, manager (of what IDK), and even God’s vessel….