Brian Solis is Principal Analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company. He is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders, keynote speakers, and best-selling authors in innovation and digital transformation. His new book, X: The Experience When Business Meets Design
, explores the importance of experiences and how to design them for customers, employees and human beings everywhere.


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Self-Driving Cars Are Here, Are You Ready?

There are over 22 automakers and 34 hardware/software companies working in some way on self-driving cars. At least, that was the count when I released my latest technology report tracking the industry, “The State of Autonomous Vehicles.”  Since then, I’ve come to learn ...


Corporate Innovation Centers Are Taking Over the World

We live in an era of digital Darwinism, a time when technology and society continually evolve. The reality is that innovation is now a constant, and the net result sets the stage for disruption. Every day, startups continue to push industries and technologies forward....


To Drive App Growth, Focus on Users’ Micro-Moments

There’s an app for that. For anything and everything, there are dozens and even hundreds of apps that perform similar functions. And every day, there are new apps hitting the market in search of users. If you’re a brand or a developer trying to...