Brian Zeng is the Head of Marketing and Public Relations at which is a new-age online apparel store offering customized suits, shirts and blazers for the modern man.


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Why Working Remote Can Improve Employee Productivity

It may paint a pretty picture, but working from home is not as easy as it seems from a distance, even with high-paying telecommuting jobs on the rise. Remote workers face multiple challenges on a regular basis, which include but are not limited to...


4 Traits That Set Real Entrepreneurs Apart from Wannabes

The word “entrepreneur” is being thrown around a lot these days. The term has become so commonplace that distinguishing the real entrepreneurs from the wannabes remains a challenge. Though it is true that a genuine entrepreneur can come from any socioeconomic strata, ...


5 Motivational Tactics Behind Successful Entrepreneurs

Becoming an entrepreneur can be liberating. The freedom from pre-set deadlines and goals, the power to transform your vision the way you want to and set your own rules are highly emancipating factors. Yearning for a lifestyle that is not bound to the conventional...


Style Tips for Businessmen: How to Dress for Success

Where did the idea of professionalism, leadership, and corporate power as expressed through the business suit first develop? Who was responsible for popularizing the look and the expectation of the well-dressed businessman, tying a man’s success with how he dressed? We’ll ...