Cameron is a tech and culture journalist, comic book enthusiast, and lives near New York City. A graduate of Stockton University, she's using her words to shift the world of online journalism, one byline at a time. When she's not writing, she can be found reading sci-fi novels, collecting succulents, and planning her next obnoxious hair color.

Cameron is an editorial fellow at Tech.Co. Send your tips to or tweet @BlkGirlManifest.


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Will Virtual Reality Change How We View the Internet?

Virtual reality is spilling over into many different aspects of digital life. From entertainment to gaming, VR is looking to encompass beyond what we've already explored. But even with the push to integrate virtual reality into other parts of the digital industry, there is...


Apple’s Health App to Encourage Organ Donation

The merge between technology and healthcare is becoming narrower, thanks to intersecting industries. And with Apple's upcoming iOS 10 software release, the company is making the link even more apparent for users. With Apple's iOS 10 software, iPhone users will be able to sign...


Study: Snapchat Rises in Popularity Amongst Adults

Snapchat has been rising in popularity amongst users, and although the numbers are particularly high for teenage users, adult users have been on the rise of the social media app. In fact, the number of older millennial and adult users (35 and older) is...


Can Voice Modification Solve Gender Hire Bias?

Gender inequality continues to be a pressing issue in the workplace, and while awareness has been made to draw attention on the issue, it's still difficult to find solutions that will work to eliminate gender inequality and the ways it manifests itself into the...


Twitter Launches New Dashboard App for Small Businesses

Twitter, in an effort to better support small businesses, has launched a new Dashboard app. Similar to tweet-supporting sites like Tweetdeck (which was acquired by Twitter in 2011) and Hootsuite, Dashboard is specifically geared for small businesses, allowing them to monitor ...


Will Personalization Make People Care About Ads?

Ads have always been a hindrance for users looking to have a positive web browsing experience. For most users, ads come in the form of intrusive pop-ups that create a disconnection when it comes to letting users enjoy their webpages without interruption. But with...


EdTech Gets an Overhaul with Amazon’s Inspire

EdTech, or education technology, is often an underrepresented field in the mainstream. But as major tech companies begin to lead projects that will highlight the niche industry, more emphasis could be placed on the industry. Amazon, leading the charge, pushes to create Inspire ...


The App Slowdown Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon

When it comes to tech, trends are constantly changing. And with the uncertainty of the industry, it's possible that many brace for the worst to happen – just in case. For the app industry, there is some concern that the sway of popularity could...