Cameron is a tech and culture journalist, comic book enthusiast, and lives near New York City. A graduate of Stockton University, she's using her words to shift the world of online journalism, one byline at a time. When she's not writing, she can be found reading sci-fi novels, collecting succulents, and planning her next obnoxious hair color.

Cameron is an editorial fellow at Tech.Co. Send your tips to or tweet @BlkGirlManifest.


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What to Expect With The Rise of Workplace Automation

With the inclusion of bots and artificial intelligence, business and tech are undergoing a whole industry change. However, with the inclusion of these digital-based workers, will the workplace and its human employees have to brace themselves for an overhaul that will largely ...


Message Buttons on Slack Make Their Debut

Slack, a real-time communication app that's been growing in popularity with remote and independent work teams, has introduced a new upgrade to the interface of the app. Announced on Tuesday, Slack is introducing message buttons to the API to make the app even more...


Google’s Latest Update Helps Combat Against Hacking

Google‘s reign as one of the most popular web companies is often unparalleled. From search engines to email engines, Google has dominated much of the Internet and everyday tools that users rely on. However, even Google has had difficulty with getting a handle on...


Technology and the Evolution of Storytelling

Technology has a great influence on societal trends. From social media to blogging and the rise of video content, digital trends are constantly changing. However, technology has done more than just predict what the next trends will be – technology has shifted how we...


Snapchat’s Announces ‘Real Life’ Digital Magazine

Snapchat is already dominating the social mediasphere, but now their current work is expanding to other aspects of digital media. News broke of the social media company looking to start a digital magazine focusing on technology. The magazine, called Real Life, will start ...


Is Gender Diversity Profitable for Business?

Gender diversity, with all its qualms, is still a complicated issue to tackle. It goes far beyond representation or acknowledgement – it means being truly inclusive in the field. But for some, there is still some discouragement from fully jumping on the bandwagon. And...