Cameron is a tech and culture journalist, comic book enthusiast, and lives near New York City. A graduate of Stockton University, she's using her words to shift the world of online journalism, one byline at a time. When she's not writing, she can be found reading sci-fi novels, collecting succulents, and planning her next obnoxious hair color.

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The Rise of Video Content and the Future of Facebook

Social media trends have reflected massive shifts within the industry. But even when trying to predict what these trends or shifts will be can illuminate an important change to come for the industry. At the Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, Nicola Mendelsohn (who is...


Hiring Trends Predict Self-Employment Numbers

Workplace trends have a large influence on what direction an industry will take. Whether it be company culture or remote workers, there are a number of different avenues companies can take when it comes to figuring out how it affects productivity. This is especially important...


User Blocking Is Now an Option on Disqus

When it comes to digital platforms, it can be hard to find a happy medium between making the platform a positive space for users to interact and making it safe against malicious users. But when social media platforms make standing up against malicious users...


Apple Opens Siri to Third-Party Developers

There's a moment of expansion that's been happening for quite some time in the tech industry, that's brought about more push for innovation from some of the biggest names in the field. Apple‘s latest move may have users shocked however – the company recently...


How Project Include Is Paving the Way For Diversity

Diversity in tech is a layered, complicated matter to tackle. Initiatives have been created over the past few years to give possible solutions to solving one of the industry's most pervasive challenges. However, one project in particular is working towards solutions that will ...


LedBetter Launches to Combat Gender Inequality

When it comes to combatting gender inequality, there's more that needs to be addressed than just the lack of representation. Research plays a huge role in giving companies the ability to properly address these issues. LedBetter is focused on addressing issues of gender ...


These Are the Best-Kept Secrets of Being a Programmer

There are many different paths that go into being a skilled programmer. Whether it's starting out with interest in coding from the beginning, or entering from a different background, being a skilled programmer doesn't have to be linear. From utilizing bootcamps to networking ...


Why the 8-Hour Workday Isn’t the Answer

For those invested in modern-day business, it's crucial to understand how marketplace trends affect how that business is conducted daily. But beyond digital trends and social media etiquette, overall business production habits have a great effect on how that success will affect ...


Making eCommerce Work in the Digital Age

With the rise of digital content, eCommerce may seem like an unsuspecting next step. However, a content-driven market actually makes for the rise of eCommerce to fit well with consumers. Why? It all comes down to the customer experience, and allowing your business to...


Microsoft Planner App Tackles Project Management

Microsoft has launched Planner, a project management app that will change the way users interact with their everyday planning needs. Planner's announcement came today on Microsoft's blog. The project management app was released for free, under the Office 360 suite. Planner ...