Cameron is a tech and culture journalist, comic book enthusiast, and lives near New York City. A graduate of Stockton University, she's using her words to shift the world of online journalism, one byline at a time. When she's not writing, she can be found reading sci-fi novels, collecting succulents, and planning her next obnoxious hair color.

Cameron is an editorial fellow at Tech.Co. Send your tips to or tweet @BlkGirlManifest.


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The Morality of Digital Free Speech

Free speech is one of our essential human rights – we're allowed to freely express our views in a respectful way without fear of persecution or harsh consequences. Digital free speech is part of what makes social media so attractive to users. However, when...


Top 15 VCs in FinTech Right Now

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The Skill Set Every Business Leader Should Master

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The Biggest Digital Marketing Mistake You’re Making

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The Key to Fostering Creativity Through Code

Coding and creativity are often seen as disparate things, but the two actually have more in common than we may think. A plan has emerged from Japan to make coding mandatory for all elementary school students in 2020. As the article states, “Programming is...