Chad Reid serves as the Director of Communications for JotForm, a popular online form builder. He loves all things related to cats, and never turns down free food.


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Which Universities Produce the Best Startup Talent?

colleges for startup talent

It’s an ongoing debate just how much influence universities have over the startup landscape anymore. There’s an exhaustive list of entrepreneurs who never finished their degrees who actively speak out against the importance of higher ed in the tech industry, and accessing …

These Companies are Playing Their Part as Drought Intensifies

California drought

At some point, all of the awe-inspiring apps created in Silicon Valley aren’t going to mean lick if no one in the state can take a shower. That’s the hypothetical, but not entirely improbable, scenario unfolding in the technology capital of the world. Economically,…

5 Reasons Why Oakland Will Be The Next Big Startup Hub

Oakland startups

Oakland is the Bay Area’s greatest paradox. No city in Northern California offers the same dichotomy of third world crime with first-class business opportunity. These days, the trend is heading much more in the direction of the latter. In 2014 Oakland experienced its lowest …