Chris Barrett is Founder of PRServe, a PR agency for startups. Since 2011, PRServe has helped launch over 500 of the world's most successful startups and crowdfunding campaigns. Chris co-authored Direct Your Own Life, a motivational success book for teens and young adults, and is cofounder of The Rap Test. He is featured in the documentaries Maxed Out and The Corporation.


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Why Apple’s Voicemail Transcription Feature Won’t Matter Much

It’s become cliché to say we hate voicemails, yet we still leave and receive them. Whether or not we actually listen to voicemails is another story. I currently have 56 unlistened-to voicemails on my phone, and I know I’m not alone. No one has…

Startups Need to Stop ‘Hustling’

Startups Need to Stop 'Hustling'

I never wanted to work a traditional job. I’ve always had entrepreneurial drive. But, like many young entrepreneurs, I used to believe you have to be a “hustler” to succeed. You know the type: those tireless Starbucks addicts who never sleep and spend every…