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How Much Equity Do You Give Early Team Members?

mentors at sxsw startups

You might be contemplating how much equity should you give early team members including mentors, advisors, board members and potential cofounders in your startup. I’ve personally had challenges on this front and find it an area that benefits from experience (read as mistakes). I know…

Startup Guide to Building a Pitch Deck and Financial Model

Brand startup

As you prepare for your fundraising effort, you need to get the basic tools of the trade completed before you start the process. In part one of this startup series we covered traction and the executive summary. In this post, we will dive into pitch…

Why A Great Executive Summary Can Help You Get Investor Meetings

Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum and the American Manufacturing Council are disbanding

When it’s time to start raising money, getting your foot in the door can come from a warm intro and a good executive summary. Think of fundraising as an enterprise sales process. Which means it’s going to take time to get fundraising done and…

Learn The Basics of Startup Funding, From Incorporation to Series A

funding, invest Capital How to Raise Money in a Down Market

What do first time founders need to know about fundraising mechanics? This post should help you understand the basic lingo of fundraising – so you don’t look surprised or sound like a noob when you’re discussing funding. An attorney will go into a lot more…