Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.


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3 Skills Every IT Professional Needs To Stand Out

3 Skills Every IT Professional Needs To Stand Out When you think of your job as an IT professional, what required skills usually come to mind? Most in the IT business would answer that an understanding of computers and their processes is essential for...


5 Tech Advancements For People With Disabilities

Modern technology isn't just being used for entertainment and convenience, it's also being used to help people with disabilities. The newest technological advancements allow for people with disabilities to have an easier, hassle-free life.  1. The GPS that leads the blind Now, ...


3 Industries You Didn’t Know Are Using Big Data

Big Data is transforming the lives of people and the daily operations of companies. Though Big Data analytics has created billion dollar companies like Amazon and Google, for most traditional companies Big Data analytics is a hurdle that has yet to be overcome. While...


6 Reasons You Need a Multilingual Website

These days, many business owners know that having a website is key for gaining traction for your business. Yet, many business owners don't know which strategies will work best to achieve your business goals. Though it's often overlooked, making your website multilingual is a...


5 Applications of Big Data in Marketing

If you want to get to the highest number of your target customers with high precision, then get a marketer that understands and uses big data. This is because a good marketer or good marketing strategy must have an insatiable desire to know a...


This Is What Coffee Is Doing to Your Body

It is estimated that 83 percent of people in America drink coffee on a regular basis. While coffee is often praised for its health benefits, it is important to note that coffee can have many negative effects on your health. Below is a list...


Why You Really Need to Worry About Cyber Security

With society practically running off computers and the Internet, cyber security is a real threat to many businesses and homes. Recent attacks have pushed lawmakers to try and approve legislation that will requires companies to raise their security in their computer systems. This ...


How to Use Tech to Manage Employee Productivity

One of the most essential aspects of managing someone is tracking employee productivity. In the past couple of years, there have been many new pieces of technology that show just how productive some employees are. Over a long period of time, tracking employee productivity...


How to Know When Your Company Is Ready for a Change

A company's business model is a general description of its operations. Its components address all of a company's functions including its revenues, expenses, corporate structure, operating strategies, marketing and sales procedures, and all its day to day functions. Each company ...