Dianna is a former ESL teacher and World Teach volunteer, currently living in France. She's slightly addicted to apps and viral media trends and helps different companies with product localization and content strategies. You can tweet her at @dilabrien


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6 Essential Elements of Great Homepages

Have we forgotten about homepages? It seems as if every article on web design, content marketing, or CRO focuses on landing pages. While these pages are certainly important, your homepage is essentially the flagship of your website. Give it the care and attention that...


Smart Clothes Are The Future of Wearables

While many users of wearables and smart clothes are focused on trimming their waistlines, wearable technology has focused largely on another part of the body: the wrist. But apparently, no one has stopped to think about whether or not the wrist even the best place for...


Tips to Increase Your Brand Visibility

You will probably never be the next Coca-Cola or Kleenex. And that’s okay. Your goal is growth, new and repeat customers, and regularly increasing profits that meet your revenue goals. To get that, you know you need to spread your brand, locally, nationally, or...


How to Attract Foreign Investors to Your Startup

While the US market is ripe for investment and numerous funding opportunities, not all the global markets can boast the same kind of ecosystem. Startups are booming worldwide, yet the majority of investment rounds are still closed in the Silicon Valley. But what if...


4 Handy Life Hacks For Travel-Loving Entrepreneurs

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you're never going to be satisfied living in one place. Fortunately, more and more employers are becoming comfortable with telecommuting. To make things even more perfect for the wanderlust-riddled entrepreneurs,  the freelance ...


The Cybersecurity Ecosystem Is Ripe and Striving

In the past 18 months, news has broken about several data security breaches that impacted thousands of people, caused embarrassment to many corporations, and resulted in both financial and privacy loss. Even celebrities have suffered public humiliation when their personal ...


E-Government: It’s a Natural Extension of Technology

Smart government. Why not? We have “smart” everything else, and a large number of city, county, and state governments are getting the idea. The concept behind “smart” government is that citizens, businesses, tourists, and other governments can all benefit from ...


Trends That Are Defining the Future of Video Gaming

Video gaming is big business. It’s reach spans various demographics. It has established pop culture ties, and has become a way for people to relate to and interact with one another. It is also an industry where things are continually changing. Here are some...


Casual: The Visual Approach To Project Management

“Project management re- imagined” – Casual website says. It's true in many ways,as this tool transforms each project plan into awesome, step-by-step visual maps. The Casual approach to project management is drastically different from what is now offered by ...