25 y/o, born and living in Portugal. Majored in Biology, but tech and computers were always a passion. Wrote for sites like Windows.Appstorm and MakeTechEasier.


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Matrix Deploys End-to-End Encryption For All Platforms

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential elections in the United States, many people shared their concern about how the privacy of US citizens could be negatively impacted following Trump's victory. Adding this to the already existing issues with online security, several users ...


This Router Leverages AI to Protect Your Kids

Started in the 1940s, the research around artificial intelligence (AI) was developed solely with the goal of finding new features for the computer. It was nothing more than a project at the time. Nowadays, this is a popular topic and there are already several...


Vufine+ Is the Wearable Glasses Display of the Future

Having displays on eyeglasses is something we've only seen in science fiction movies thus far. From Star Trek to Vegeta, one of the most famous characters in the Dragon Ball franchise, there have been plenty of pop culture iterations of this technology. In reality though, ...


‘La French Tech’ Leads French Startups to Success

Since 2009, Web Summit has been one of Europe's largest events related to technology. This year's edition is the first happening overseas, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Other than the strong presence of Portuguese companies, the 2016 edition of Web ...


Easily Create, Share, and Sell Content Online With Kajabi

With the popularization of the Internet, anyone can enhance their knowledge and obtain content in a particular area through a good online course. The need to attend an educational institution and fulfill the traditional school routine is no longer than standard, as students ...


SRFR Makes Mobile to TV Video Streaming Easier Than Ever

Because of the recent mobile revolution, the amount of audio and video content swirling around the internet has reached an all-time high. Millions of hours have recorded, saved, viewed. and shared on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices through more social media pages ...


VIPOLE Reveals Powerful Admin Tools for Business

It is becoming clear that businesses are looking at cloud computing as a trustworthy medium to operate in and store their information. However, security is still a major concern, and one of the main reasons why companies will still avoid moving to the cloud....