25 y/o, born and living in Portugal. Majored in Biology, but tech and computers were always a passion. Wrote for sites like Windows.Appstorm and MakeTechEasier.


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iOS 10: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?

Every Apple lover eagerly awaits the time when a shiny, new, and long-awaited device hits the market. However, as they look forward to queuing overnight just to get their hands on the latest innovation, there is still that all important question, as to whether...


The Very Real Startup Benefits to Having Women in Tech

The technology sector is a rapidly advancing one and, in a world that relies so heavily on technological advances, it is strange and unacceptable to have such little representation of women. Statistics speak for themselves: according to The Muse, women account for 56 percent...


Riot: Encrypted Open Source Messenger for Teams

Smartphone users who communicate and often do teamwork like to have three different things. For starters, they like to easily communicate with their friends, family or work partners. Secondly, they want to use as fewer tools as possible, so it is ideal to have...


3 Ways Fast Broadband Contributes to Economic Growth

In the years since the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) published a report on the positive impact of broadband connectivity to global economies, the observations are supported and confirmed by major research projects by economic think tanks. For example, the Council ...


This Man Is Boosting South America’s Entrepreneurship

We all know how entrepreneurship is booming in North America. While the rate of self-employment is dropping, starting a business remains a very appealing business option. In other parts of the globe, attracting and creating entrepreneurs is an important means to boosting the ...


Blackmoon: Marketplace Lending Platform of the Future

In recent years, consumer lending has expanded like wildfire through several online channels. Starting in 2006, this growth is mainly fueled by balance sheet lenders and Marketplace Lending (MPL) platforms, two business models that do not have banking licenses but still issue ...


Strixus Provides Real Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

Many of the systems in use today are notably unprotected against cyber threats. The advent of the internet has made this an even more pressing issue, making these systems easy prey for cyber criminals around the world. Industrial control systems (ICS) are a good example of ...


Due: a Digital Wallet System Made for Businesses

The concept of digital wallet is definitely not new. They have been known to provide a different way to make payments. Essentially, they make life easier for those who don't want pay using a check, cash or credit cards (directly). Digital wallets can be...