25 y/o, born and living in Portugal. Majored in Biology, but tech and computers were always a passion. Wrote for sites like Windows.Appstorm and MakeTechEasier.


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Almalence and the Future of Mobile Phone Cameras

“Disruption” is the hottest buzzword in the corporate world today. Several companies are disrupting industries by pivoting to more agile business models with increased ROI and even bigger BHAGs. Of course there are very few real disruptors out there, and the ones ...


PCB: The Invisible Board That Runs the World

If this new millennium has something iconic to represent it, it has to be the overwhelming amount of electronics present in our lives. Computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other electronics – they are all over, and are an absolutely essential part of today’s...


5 Ways to Learn a New Skill Online

The Internet is an amazing tool that can make our lives much easier and put us in contact with the entire world. At the same time, it’s also an excellent way to procrastinate with lots of memes and jokes to look at. But, if...


Build a Great Web App With These 4 Tips

A web app can be a bit of a challenging project when it comes to building a site, as developers have an obligation to predict the behavior of users and also make the experience as appealing and intuitive as possible. Flawed professionals have a...


Catch ’Em All Safely with this Pokémon Go Insurance

There is one mobile game taking the world by storm, and we have all heard something about it: Pokémon Go. The extension of this Nintendo’s franchise takes full advantage of what today’s smartphones have to offer, and uses geolocation and augmented reality to take...


4 Tips to Innovate Your IT Department

IT management is anything but an easy task, and CIOs believe that there’s an ongoing talent crisis and in the field. In a world of extreme dynamism, fierce competition and reliable change, the ability to reinvent yourself through IT has become essential, bringing higher ...


Message People Nearby With Spray

In the past, whenpeople wanted to keep in touch with people they already knew, they would just call or text them. However, nowadays things are changing – people want to discover and communicate with people they do not know and, more than that, with...


XNSPY is the Parental Control App You Need

One of the main issues with the majority of parental control apps is the predictability and similarity of their graphical user interface (GUI). The way kids use smartphones and Internet nowadays is much more complex and difficult than those parental control apps, which makes...


Customer Loyalty: Bonanza Covers What Amazon Is Missing

Online shopping is a booming business. Data from 2014 shows that every 30 seconds, over $1.2 million was spent globally, a number that has surely increased since then. Being the second largest online retail website in the world, only behind Alibaba, Amazon is a...