Donovan Prostrollo
Donovan Prostrollo – Sr. Director, Marketing of Blast MotionDonovan brings over 18 years of marketing and communications engineering experience to Blast. Prior to Blast, he worked at Calix for 11 and 1/2 years, where his proven out-of-the box thinking and his approach to strategic marketing allowed him to lead the E7 platform launch, which was the most successful marketing launch and the fastest growing access platform in Calix history. Donovan also drove several high-value, strategic marketing initiatives and led the Field Marketing execution team, responsible for developing and executing on marketing plans with focused, well-defined success criteria. He was responsible for target market competitive analysis, while ensuring a complete understanding of the broader competitive landscape to exploit competitive weaknesses by focusing on unique product strengths, creating market differentiation and customer value. Donovan is also an author and public speaker, who has presented strategic industry insights at high-visibility conferences across the United States, Canada, CALA and Europe.