Douglas manages the social media strategy for a Microsoft division that works exclusively with startups. He works with internal partners in product groups like Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone and others to create an integrated marketing channel from startups to Microsoft and back. His work entails curating great content, showcasing the work of startups, and managing the way developer evangelists in Microsoft use social media to engage with their audiences.


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Delivery of Data or Food, Cloud Does It All

When it comes down to the most important things in life, it’s basically hunger and taxes. Scale that to a world online that is fragmented when it comes to services for this kind of reality, and you have a huge opportunity for app developers...


The Marketer Is Dead, and We Have Killed Him

The Marketer is Dead, And We Have Killed Him. I thought about going with a less provocative title, but the purpose of this blog post is to prove that two broken assumptions exist in marketing. And if what I am saying about why they are...


Product Features Are Good, But Cultures are Better

Sitting in a marketing organization inside of one of the largest corporations on the planet, I take part in a lot of discussions on how to sell to people, or “market” to them. As a relatively unschooled person in the land of marketing –...