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3 Ways to Land a Job at a New Startup

For many, the excitement of working at a startup is worth the risk. Unless you got a job at a unicorn startup, this type of employment often requires longer hours, lower pay, and fewer benefits. But still, people drop their corporate jobs all the time for the excitement...


Alphabet Really Isn’t all that Confusing

In the past couple of days there's been a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding Google's announcement of their new parent company Alphabet. No, Google didn't get bought out by another company. They simply did a massive restructure of their organization under a new...


The Best Job Perks for Maintaining High Retention

Perks are the new norm for workplaces and are critical for building an attractive company culture. Some perks are great for attracting top talent. Some fancy perks benefit the employer more than employee. What perks are great for keeping talent happy and engaged? Experts...