Ellie Martin is co-founder of Startup Change group. Her works have been featured on Yahoo! , Wisebread, AOL, among others. She currently splits her time between her home office in New York and Israel.


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15 Tips for Keeping Your Best Employees

Job hopping is the new norm these days, especially for millennials. In fact, 91 percent of millennials expect to stay in a job for fewer than three years, meaning they would have to hold 15-20 jobs over the course of their careers. That’s a...


Are Millennial Entrepreneurs Slowly Killing Themselves?

From a distance, being your own boss looks great. Running the business. Setting your own hours. Even the word “entrepreneur” has a nice ring to it. The barriers to entry for starting your own business are lower than ever, and massively successful millionaires and...


The Art to Having Productive Meetings

Meetings are an inescapable part of the corporate world. Everybody has to attend them whether you’re a rank-and-file worker, supervisor, manager, or even CEO. In fact, the higher one goes up the corporate ladder, the more meetings it seems there are to attend. Meetings are...


Why Your Startup Needs to Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes – all the time. Some mistakes are harmless; some are life changing; and some can be very damaging. Although mistakes are inevitable, you can control what your response will be – get depressed and stay in that mistake, or pick...


What You Need to Know About Digital Wallets

Over the last 200 plus years, the concept of money has seen some major changes. It all started with trade by barter in exchange of goods and services. Later, goldsmiths started issuing receipts for the gold that they have in safekeeping and before long,...