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Drone Hobbyists May No Longer Need to Register With FAA

On Friday, May 19, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia vacated a law put in place in 2015 that required both hobbyist and commercial drone pilots to register drones with the FAA. The D.C. court posits that the Registration…

Crowd Cow Lets Consumers Carve Up Beef They Want Most

steak crowd cow

We’ve all heard the saying: you are what you eat. For food, this is clearly not a literal saying, but what we consume does contribute to our health and that is why quality is so important. This particularly true when it comes to meat,…

In Startups and Business, Women Receive Less Money [Infographic]

Team Money 4 Things to Consider Before Applying to An Accelerator

Leading up to the last U.S. election cycle, a great deal of focus was placed on wage inequality and disparities in venture capital raised by women. It is now well established that not only do women typically make less money. However, add in any…

OnePlus 3T Gives the Most Smartphone Bang For the Buck [Review]

OnePlus 3T

The past few years in the world of smartphones have been more about refinement of an industry and less about innovation. Curved screens, less buttons, water resistance, and better cameras are now becoming the norm, but nothing ground breaking has been released on the…

Athletepreneur: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork BridgeAthletic Athletepreneur

Becoming an entrepreneur is akin to those who seek thrills or who typically seek new challenges. They take on new projects, push their mental and physical limits, and along the journey discover meaningful solutions. However, in many cases these journeys are not traveled entirely…

9 Gadgets and Tech From Star Wars That We Wish Were Real

Death star, SciFi, planet

There are a lot of films that either take place in the future or feature technology well ahead of reality, but few fictional universes hold a candle to that of Star Wars. Although their history occurred a long time ago in a galaxy far…

Tech.Co’s Guide to Graduate Gadget Gifts

Samsung Galaxy S8 graduate

Flowers are in bloom, pools are starting to open, and students are mustering their last ounce of scholastic energy in an effort to finish up their college degrees. Why yes, it’s that magical time of year when students officially move into the real world –…

FinLab’s $30M Initiative Seeks Diverse Entrepreneurs for Third Cohort


FinLab, a 5-year initiative managed by the nonprofit Center for Financial Services Innovation and JPMorgan Chase, is now in the home stretch for accepting startups and entrepreneurs into their third cohort. Of the hundreds of startups who will apply, nine winners will be selected…

TLC200 Pro Time-Lapse Camera Let’s You Capture the Long-Game [Review]

Brinno TLC200 Pro

Smartphones are so much more than just phones now. They cover everything from apps to photography to videography. Some Android phones even specifically focus on the photo and video component, which means the traditional consumer-grade digital camera doesn’t have a lot of room in the tech…

BlendScore Rates Tech Companies Bias, Diversity, and Inclusion

Streaming Map Reveals What Your State Cares About in 2016

This month, Blendoor founder and TechCo’s 2015 Startup of the Year winner, Stephanie Lampkin, launched a new rating system, BlendScore, that measures how well a tech company is recruiting, compensating, retaining, and promoting women and underrepresented minorities. Using what the team is calling the…

Athletepreneur: Turning Passion For Hiking Into a Business

cairn in action hiking

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of the Grand Teton National Park, enjoying a weekend unplugged from the world, and the bear from The Revenant walks over to your campsite. You need to make a call for help, but alas you have no cell reception….

Life Is a Marathon: An Entrepreneur’s Story of Running and Becoming a Rebel

Sandy Life is a marathon

Entrepreneurs face endless challenges. It may sound cliché but it’s true. Every entrepreneur will travel very different, but surprisingly similar journeys, encountering failure, stress, success, and roadblocks along the way. This means that an entrepreneur must have more than motivation, but also strong emotional…

Skybuds Pack a Lot of Features in Tiny Wireless Earbuds [Review]


Blame Apple as much as you’d like, but the world of wireless tech was inevitable. Between more IoT devices hitting the market, better connection types, and the endless accumulation of hours spent untangling wires, people were never designed to live in a wired world….