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tracMo Launches Bluetooth 5 Tracker With 400 Foot Range

Today, Taiwan-based tracMo is announcing their first ever tracker featuring Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Trackers are small devices that you can place on commonly misplaced items such as keys, luggage, backpacks, small children (not really), and potentially now even your dog or ...


The Harbor Announces CoHort 8 Accelerator in Charleston

This week Charleston’s nonprofit accelerator announced the latest startups to join their 14-week program. Dubbed CoHort 8, eight new startups from the Charleston area will gain mentorship, weekly courses, a free workspace, and various additional resources to support and fuel ...


Budsies Launches Crowdfunding Market for Plushies

Thanks to the magic of the internet, DIY or do it yourself activities have only been made easier; however, if Pinterest has taught the world anything, it’s that some things are best left to the professionals. That awesome cake you saw on TV? Yeah,...


What The Hell Is a Corporate Accelerator?

As an entrepreneur you are likely aware of the various opportunities designed to help keep you from joining the majority statistic that most startups fail. Between incubators and accelerators, there hundreds of options throughout the world that will likely align with your goals ...


P6 Projector is Insanely Small, Works OK [Review]

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of being your own boss or freelancer, hopping from coworking space to coffee shop, and creating endless pitch presentations for clients. Unfortunately when you’re a one person shop, that means your office typically travels with you, and ...


Coding School Iron Yard to Shutter

In a surprise announcement made this week, South Carolina based coding school Iron Yard announced its plans to shutter the business. Launched four years ago, Iron Yard has since expanded to 15 different locations across the nation, which was in part fueled by a...