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JAM Audio Launches Alexa Enabled Speakers

The year of voice-based assistants is here, and now JAM Audio is announcing three new speakers that support Amazon’s Alexa during CES 2017. The company also announced several new or updated versions of their WiFi and Bluetooth connected speakers and earbuds. Priced ...


Blink Launches Seecurity: A DIY Home Security Suite

Today, Blink is announcing a full suite of hardware being added to their do-it-yourself home security offerings in anticipation for CES 2017. A Kickstarter success story, the company initially launched with a wireless, battery powered cameras designed to monitor your home. Last ...


GeniCan Adds Shopping List Tech To Your Trashcan

Let’s face it, creating grocery lists is a pain, and more times than not, you find yourself forgetting at least one item after you’ve finished checking out. Fortunately, a new startup, GeniCan, is looking to solve this problem with a creative new idea they are...


Tech.Co’s Most Popular Articles of 2016

This past year has been decidedly bad for celebrity deaths, and the impending changes to the tech and internet world as we know it have everyone a bit on edge. But there was also a great deal of good in 2016. We crowned a new startup,...


10 Gadgets To Get You Through Snowy Weather

Next week, winter will officially be here. We know, we're scared too. But that hasn’t stopped snow from hitting several cities with the force of a bullet train. Some cities, like Chicago for example, are fully equipped for snow storms and blizzards. However, cities like...