I studied horticulture at the University of Wisconsin and went to work for a tea importer. During that time, I was able to take numerous trips to Asia and toured many local tea plantations in China, Japan and India. Today, I work freelance, contributing articles to various tea-related websites and handling social media campaigns for some of those sites. I am based out of Seattle, but I spend much of the year traveling. I still tend to spend a lot of time in Asia every year, mainly due to the food and the tea. Definitely the tea.


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Using LED Grow Lights for Tea – Crazy or a Unique Business Opportunity?

grow lights indoor agriculture

In the indoor gardening industry, LED grow lights have been steadily supplanting traditional HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights over the past few years. While early LED lights were poorly built and led to many ruined harvests, today’s lights are rigorously tested and produce the…