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Netflix’s Incredible 6X Growth (In 1 Chart)

Netflix growth

Netflix is on a roll. The video streaming giant has grown 6x in the last 6 years, expanding from roughly 10.3 million subscribers in 2009 to an astounding 65.6 million in the second quarter of 2015. Over the past 6 years, Netflix has averaged…

Shyp Explains Why It’s Ditching Freelancers


As Uber and other Silicon Valley startups come under legal pressure for employing an army of fulltime freelancers, a well-funded new startup has decided to completely switch its workforce to staffed employees with full benefits (“W2” workers). Shyp, a hot new startup that …

Swastika Still Stands As Apple Purges Confederate Flag

A day after Apple began the mass purge of applications depicting the Confederate flag, the Nazi Swastika is still standing prominently in some games. The choice to ban a symbol of slavery from historical games, but not of mass genocide, reveals how tech companies…