Gavin McCulley hosts “The Pitch Deck – Inside the Startup Funding Game” podcast available on ITunes and at Gavin is an active Angel Investor, Startup Mentor, and Entrepreneur living in Charleston, South Carolina. Gavin is the Managing Partner of the Charleston based Early Stage Investment Partnership, Twin Rivers Holdings, whose investments range from digital media, tech start-ups, health care, real estate development, film studios, restaurant chains, educational products, and both commercial and defense manufacturing. Gavin hosts “The Pitch Deck – Inside the Startup Funding Game” podcast. Prior to his current roles, Gavin served as a Logistics Officer and Commander in the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and 1 tour in Afghanistan where he was decorated 3 times with the Bronze Star Medal.


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The Top 5 Technologies VCs Will Fund in 2015

As we welcome the new year and get geared up for top trends at CES 2015, it’s interesting to take a look at the top 5 tech sectors and their rising stars. This is where top VCs will be looking to make big investments in 2015….

3 Lessons Startups Can Learn from the Sony Hack

Recently, the world watched a drama fit for Hollywood unfold before its eyes. There was espionage, dangerous threats, embarrassing revelations, ultimatums, and of course, a rogue nation state behind the sinister plot. And like any great movie, the good guys triumphed in the end….

How to Completely Destroy Your Pitch with 5 Simple Phrases

I see over 150 companies pitch for funding every year. That’s about 3 per week. When you see that many pitches, you learn a lot, such as those things that help make a pitch a huge success and those that completely destroy the presentation and the…

Horses and Startups: How An Investor Chooses a Jockey

Horse racing and startups have a lot in common. They are both exciting, fast paced, adrenaline-fueled experiences where the outcomes are uncertain and fortunes can be made or lost. It’s no wonder why they can both become lifelong obsessions. I know this because my…

3 Startup Lessons from the U.S. Army Green Berets

I am proud to have served my country as a logistics officer and support Commander with the U.S. Army Green Berets of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne). The lessons I learned in the mountains of Afghanistan and the jungles of South America shaped…

3 Startup Pitch Habits You Should Avoid

If you were to witness a startup pitch from two startups with equally cool technology, equally smart founders, and an equally attractive upside in front of the exact same group of investors on the exact same day, logic would say that they would both…

3 (Totally Free) Technologies to Help Get Your Startup Funded

One of the great ironies of startup fund raising are the tools used to attract Angels and VCs. At a recent Angel Capital Expo, I walked away with folders full of paper and a pocket full of USB drives (that I will never plug in…

The Hook and the Hammer: 3 Steps to the Perfect Pitch Technique

The late great Billy Mays changed the marketing world forever with one line: “But Wait, There’s more”. If you are like me, that line conjures images of the bearded sales genius and one of hundreds of products he sold by the millions on TV….