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JQBX Lets You Stream Music With Friends

You'd think that with the variety of options available for streaming music today, music discovery would be better than ever. The truth is that we audiophiles still trust our peers over a fancy algorithm. We might get by with Pandora's free, personalized radio and...


A USB Hack Can Occur Even Without a Flash Drive

“Does dropping a USB in a parking lot really work?” was the question posed by Elie Bursztein of Google's Anti-Abuse Research Team when he took the stage at BlackHat 2016 Las Vegas, NV. You might think you would never be the victim of a USB hack, and I...


Twilio Announces Console to Improve Developer Experience

It's never been a better time to be a DOer. Jeff Lawson, CEO of the cloud communications platform API Twilio, kicked off at the company's annual SIGNAL Conference in San Francisco with a keynote address emphasizing how important software developers are to the core...