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Is Sniply Unethical Advertising or An Inevitable Game Changer?


The evolution of technology is a phenomenon that is changing global industries at a rapid rate. The advertising industry is no exception. Companies are increasingly moving away from expensive traditional marketing solutions and seeking out more targeted online advertising options. It is in this new environment…

UNICEF Initiative Aimed at Supporting Startups Focused on the Developing World

Charities and NGOs are increasingly turning to different technologies to solve problems in developing countries. With an emphasis on open source technology, issues associated with access to energy, lighting, the Internet and information technology are becoming more accessible regardless of income or nationality. UNICEF…

Maserati to Go Hybrid, but Not by Choice

Maserati to Go Hybrid, but Not by Choice

Maserati has announced that a full range of plug-in hybrid cars will be available by 2020 in an attempt to meet emission reduction goals. General Manager, Guilio Pastore, has told British car magazine, Autocar, that the luxury car giant has committed to introducing plug-in…