Glen Hellman is an angel investor, serial entrepreneur, and works for venture capitalists as a turn-around specialist. He is the Chief Entrepreneureator at Driven Forward LLC, frequently muses on his blog, Forward Thinking, and works with entrepreneurs to help them figure out what to do and get them to do it. He’s a member of the board of The University of Maryland’s, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, a Vistage chair and mentor at the Founder Institute.

Glen’s been VP and General Manager for 3Com, the CEO of Ikimbo (an innovative, early market, social media company), the President and COO of Proxy Governance (a company that advised institutional investors and pension funds on the corporate governance practices of their portfolio companies), and the CEO of IntelliPark – a next generation parking meter manufacturer.

He has a background in marketing and branding, running large sales organizations and product management. He writes on corporate strategy, executive leadership and the venture capital industry.

Glen lives in Oakton, Virginia with the love of his life, Nancy and has two less than lousy boys who make him very proud. Sadly he can’t blame the fullness of his life for his lack of skill as a hockey player.

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