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LinkedIn Checklist: 9 Things to Put in Your Profile

LinkedIn Checklist: 9 Things to Put in Your Profile

LinkedIn is known as the social network for professionals to connect. You most likely have a LinkedIn profile, but how much are you using it? Have you thought about what your goal is for your presence on LinkedIn? Do you use LinkedIn to connect to…

How to Attract Buyers to your Trade Show Booth

trade show booth

A trade show is a big investment for a company and it is also taking a big chance that the investment will pay off with buyers and new life time customers. Trade shows are usually full of buyers, but they can also be filled…

5 Ways Meditation Improves Productivity and Leads to Success

meditation for productivity

Science is convincing many companies to turn to meditation to help improve productivity and efficiency. Companies who have implemented meditation training and encouraged employees to take time out for meditation each day have discovered that meditation makes for happier and …

What to Look for at CES 2016

What to Look for at CES 2016

All of the tech gurus, tech companies, and like-minded computer people will be converging in Las Vegas this week for the annual International CES convention. The Consumer Technology Association’s annual conference and show takes place this week and it is always the biggest …