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4 Entrepreneurs Who Got Rich Online

The rise of the Internet in the 1990s was a watershed event in human history for many different reasons. Information that once required a trip to the library could now be obtained while sitting at home with your desktop computer. Pop culture entertainment, once...


Make Your Terms of Service the New Must-Read

How many times have you clicked the little box saying you’ve read a company’s terms of service? How many times did you actually read them? That’s what I thought. Those things are about as easy to read as “Beowulf” in its original version, and...


Is The Best Candidate Wrong For Your Startup?

Here’s a piece of hiring advice that might sound counterintuitive: You shouldn’t always hire the most qualified candidate for your open positions. This is especially true when hiring for your startup company. The team you hire for your newborn company will influence what ...


8 Experiential Marketing Tips for Startups

Bootstrapping startups spend endless hours creating extravagant online and social media marketing campaigns to build brand recognition, and for good reason: they are an inexpensive way to spread word of the company to their target audience. Notwithstanding traditional and ...


Top 6 Apps for Social Networking

You know about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, but there are dozens of other social media platforms out there; isn't it time you branched out? Depending on what you use social media for, there might be an even better site for your needs. Maybe...


Angel Funding Opportunities Are Soaring in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is growing as a close-knit entrepreneur community where startups can find angel investors who will also act as mentors to grow a business, venture capitalists say. The DC area has fewer venture capital firms than Silicon Valley, but steady startup investment is...


6 Ways To Make Better Entry-Level Hires

Taking on entry-level tech hires can be quite a challenge. In a recent study from The National Association of Colleges and Employers, employers say they plan to hire 2 percent more recent grads from the Class of 2013. This figure is way down from the...


The Right Way for Startups to Use Bitcoin

So you’re thinking about using digital currency Bitcoin as part of your business? The virtual currency founded in 2009 is still too new to benefit most startups, but it is popular enough to attract attention from regulators. So some companies could pioneer a new...



I love Des Moines, Iowa.  Every little bit of this community energizes me, inspires me, and feels like home.  I have found that this city is full of endless possibilities and readily available resources that make it one of the most perfect places to start...