I am a writer/blogger currently working for Shift Stream Media and Websitesetup . During my free time, I look for adventures to keep me hyped up, and I love nature trips.


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8 Reasons Why You Should Be a Freelancer in 2017

Have you ever wondered if working freelance is all it is cut up to be? Perhaps you have a freelancer friend who you see almost every week on vacation, living life to the fullest and enjoying a cocktail or two on a work week….

The Importance of Web Security for Small Businesses


The ease of technology and digital media have leveled the playing field for small businesses. Now, they have the tools needed to compete in terms of promotion and marketing alongside big players in the industry, while also selling their products and services to larger…

5 Essential Ways Freelancers Can Promote Themselves

The world of freelancing is like walking on thin glass. Freelancers take their strides in a careful and delicate fashion, because each step they take can make or break their business. Surviving in this line of work is tough, and if they are not…