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Top 10 Causes Why We Wake Up With Lower Back Pain

Waking Up with Back Pain

The human body is a wonderful machine that, if well-maintained, is capable of amazing things. However, our current lifestyle and general life choices don’t really leave enough space for a perfectly-functioning body. And, according to the specialists, one of the most abused elements is…

How AI is Shaping the Future of Scientific Startups

Introduction Medical and scientific research is quickly finding ways to turn AI into a time-saving (and life-changing) tool. AI is quickly becoming a cornerstone for scientific startups, advantageously serving to automate tasks (a feat deemed impossible just a few years ago). By automating monotonous,…

How to Recover After a Long Day at Work

Tips on How to Recover after a Long Day at Work

We all have experienced it. A long day at work draining us of all our energies and leaving us sore. May be a challenging task came up during the day, something needed to be done urgently or just the general work load was so…

What Not to Do to Become a Successful Project Manager?

Things Every Project Manager Should Know

Is project management solely about managing a project? If that is so, the automation would have replaced many project management jobs. If you are a project manager remember delivering successful projects is just not the criteria to become a good project manager, you should…

Technologies That Increase Online Security

Technology Increase In Online Security

The Internet has, in no doubt, been around for quite some time now and it certainly never fails to amaze. But with increased digitalisation, security issues are always a risk. Many online domains are public, or can become public with the work of some…

7 Simple Rules to Secure Your Website’s Information

Today, the Internet project is one of the most promising undertakings. The word “site” is firmly included in our lexicon. The last time together with this word, we constantly use two more words such as “development” and “promotion”. And this is not surprising because,…

Cyber Hygiene: The Simple Security Steps You Probably Aren’t Taking

Cyber Hygiene

Often, conversations about cybersecurity tend to veer to the extremely technical. In fact, most of your employees probably don’t understand the actual mechanics behind keeping your company network safe from viruses, hackers, and other threats. They just know that IT “takes care of that…

Blockchain, SaaS, and IBN: What Cisco’s Doing in 2018


Cisco is one of the world’s largest providers of networking hardware and software, and the company has big plans for 2018. Networking analysts and users of Cisco infrastructure alike agree that the company is transitioning from hardware-based services to software-based ones, a change that…

AI, DIY, Chatbots, and the Future of Tech Support

The Future of Tech Support

Got a problem with your device, network, or software? The days of paging through an obtusely-worded technical manual in search of the answer are long in the past. Today, most consumers rely on technical support personnel to resolve issues with their devices and networks….

5 Blockchain Technologies That Could Change Your Life

blockchain blog

Have you heard of the term ‘blockchain’? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t, considering the impact that it has had on so many industries. For those that haven’t heard of this innovative technology, blockchain refers to the ledger behind any transactions completed using cryptocurrencies….

Why Parental Control Software Is on the Rise

Raising online dangers connected with huge infusions into online porn industry and advertising, tech addiction pushed mobile developers to offer the mass usage solution, which guarantees the online safety for children. The most demanding niche happened to be parents who want to protect their…

How Shipping Costs Impact the Success of an Ecommerce Site

To compete in the ecommerce world,  there are a few things that you will need to do. Many businesses fail because they don’t take the challenges of running this kind of business seriously. Here are the key factors that could determine the success of…