H. E. is a writer and researcher living in Boise, Idaho, who has traveled throughout Europe and has spent countless hours in the car travelling the around the United States. She has a varied background, including education and history as well as journalism. Hattie enjoys sharing her passions through the written word. She is currently spending many sleepless nights seeking her graduate degree but always sets aside time to enjoy a good cider.


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Why I Am an Apple Snob

I took my first bite out of that little white apple nearly 15 years ago.  I bought a first-generation pink iPod Mini in early 2004, just after they were released.  I was teaching in Southeast Alaska, and it was easier (and cheaper) to ship...


Baby Boomers Gain Freedom Through Technology

The U.S.’s Baby Boom generation has an uneasy relationship with technology.  On one hand, the generation which was born post-World War II is the fastest growing segment of technology consumers.  On the other hand, the technology being marketed to them is in some ways...