I am a reader, researcher, writer, editor, traveller, yoga-doer, meditation-practitioner & tech-freak. I am movie-buff, cricket-fan & nature-lover. I believe that technology has made our life comfortable and extended our reach but at the same time it has made us addicted to it.


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These Smartphone Technologies Are Only Myths

Back in 2011, the World Health Organisation (WHO) terrorized cellphone users everywhere when they said the radiation from cellphones are carcinogenic. (Remember?) This was bologna, it turned out. Still, as Max Anderson said, everybody should use them with caution. From raging ...


7 Interesting Ways Drones Are Being Used in 2016

There’s a palpable frenzy of trepidation and excitement surrounding the subject of drones. On the one hand, they seem like amazing futuristic toys that we all hoped would one day be available. On the other hand, drones stand a chance to change the way...


Top 5 Newsletter Building Tools for Online Marketers

Email is the foundation of any online marketing campaign, so we’re always trying to become more efficient and effective when it comes to creating engaging newsletters that get results. If you’ve come this far, you’re probably already familiar with some of the ...