Jake is an Account Executive at HubSpot. He's formerly the VP of Business Development at Alumnify. In addition to Tech.Co, Jake has contributed to Inc., The Huffington Post, and Elite Daily.


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3 Strategies for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Being an entrepreneur, there are many times when your ability to effectively communicate can make or break your business.  Whether you are recruiting new employees, pitching to investors, or forming business partnerships, your ability to build rapport and articulate your goals ...


Empathy: the Most Important Thing

Here is a true story. One day during the summer before I turned fourteen, I was at a day camp near Walden Lake in Massachusetts. My friend, Scott, was playfully teasing another camper, Monica, about her mascara-smeared eyebrows – an accident she had caused...


4 Ways to Grow Your Startup

Growing a successful company from scratch is like pushing a boulder up a hill; you are fighting gravity to gain recognition and achievement amongst a mountain of adversaries. Establishing yourself amongst a sea of competition while you have a fraction of the revenue, funding...


Why I Joined a Startup

I graduated from college two years ago, and in that time established the beginnings of a successful career for myself in enterprise tech sales – an area known for being lucrative and having reasonable hours. In the two months since I left my high-paying,...


6 Traits You Need as an Entrepreneur

One of my old bosses once told me, “It doesn’t matter what your title is. Whatever the company needs, that’s what you do. If they made me Director of Toilet Cleaning, we would have the cleanest toilets in the city, period.” I now carry...


5 Techniques to Help You Close Deals

Price is only an issue in the absence of value. The notion of price, or even of product value in general, as being a significant factor in a client's buying process can be ruled obsolete by the clout of the sales person to directly influence...


5 Experts Explain the Role of Empathy in Business

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with five accomplished entrepreneurs. Throughout our conversations, one common theme stood out to me as a poignant aspect of all of their business philosophies: the presence of empathic communication. Empathy, it appeared, was a driving ...


6 Ways You Can Increase Your Paycheck This Year

If you are interested in securing your financial situation, or having additional spending power, consider finding an additional source of income. There are many options and types to choose from. Your new revenue streams can be passive, active, or a mix. By choosing it...


Top Email Marketing Platforms for 2016

In terms of net sales, a company’s ability or inability to effectively market itself has more of an impact on revenue than product or service quality. In an ideal market, product and service quality would suffice as the principle metric on which consumers evaluate...