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5 Tips to Boost Media Shares and Conversion

shares, app, social media, woman, office, smartphone

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for your business, but if your followers aren’t engaging with or sharing your content, you won’t see much growth. A great social media marketing strategy is what turns likes and shares into leads and sales. With a…

4 Secrets to Multiply Your Ecommerce Sales for the Holidays

Ecommerce Sales

Shopping during holidays can be one of the scariest experiences in the world. The discounts offered during holidays increase the volume of sales in ecommerce companies, brining hundreds of millions of people to stores and malls in your town. But in preparation for all…

4 Ecommerce Trends Helping Businesses Gain Customers

Ecommerce Trends

The online retail sector has been constantly evolving since its inception. The ecommerce industry has proven to be a valuable platform for retail, because of its ease of use, global reach, and availability of products, that were otherwise limited in the traditional brick and…

Google in Real-Time [Infographic]

google gender wage gap diversity

Probably the most interesting thing that you’ll see today, the infographic below highlights the sheer number of people that use Google on a daily basis. The infographic shares some of the more essential stats about Google – such as the number of people running…

Live Polling, Audience Engagement & the BYOD Movement

BYOD security

Cell phones, computers, and even wearable tech are destined to become so ubiquitous to our daily lives. Because of this, employers and teachers are becoming more reliant on everyone bringing their own devices. Like it or not, BYOD is becoming a movement. What Exactly…