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Just How Safe Is Your Home Security System?

smart home

Keeping up with the greatest home security systems is proving tough. From do-it-yourself systems to those that need a pro to install, it is a competitive field. Add constant innovation and a person won’t know which system is suitable for their requirements. Home security…

Real-Time Customer Engagement Is the Key on Online Success

Self-Limiting Beliefs on Starting an Ecommerce Business - MobiCommerce

Customer engagement demands personalization; marketers are responding through real-time effort. Globally, 58 percent of marketers use real-time, data-driven personalization. Among the 42 percent not using it, 80 percent intend to do so within the next twelve months. The April …

Are Dating Apps Causing the Increase in STDs?

Are Dating Apps Causing the Increase in STDs?

Roughly three years ago, Harold Wiesenfeld, medical director for Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County’s STD and HIV program, started to be bothered by something his patients were telling him. It became big enough of an issue that Wiesenfeld began asking his patients about the …

SEO Overrated Compared to Local Influencers

SEO Overrated Compared to Local Influencers

Search Engine Optimization: The term covers a range of tactics aimed at luring search engine users to your website. It is taught throughout numerous online courses and many terabytes of YouTube videos as one of the most important ways to attract customers. But what if …

9 Tech Startups Disrupting the Legal Industry

legal industry startups

Legal technology is booming as companies compete to crash the technological, legal space at every level and in every angle. There’s a good reason. Experts say the market for legal technology is as much as $400 billion. The legal field has been tough to…

When Immigration Meets Technology

When Technology Meets Immigration

When Juanita arrived in America just after New Years in 1998, she didn’t think she would be staying. She went to America for school and fully intended to return to Buenos Aires after she finished. Even the best-made plans can get derailed when life…