I’m one of those lucky people whose day job is an extension of his hobby: I’m a social media strategist. What does that mean? Let me quote my LinkedIn profile: “Blending expertise in online communications with a background in public affairs, I help clients leverage the Web in all its splendor—whether via a Web site, social network, blog, ad, or app. I’ve employed e-strategies to raise awareness for the federal government, motivate actions for nonprofits, and shape public opinion for corporations.”

Before entering the digital space, where I’ve worked for Susan Davis International, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Rock Creek Strategic Marketing, I cut my teeth in dead-tree PR and journalism. I flacked for the American Conservative Union and the Cato Institute, and reported for Time magazine and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

My writing has appeared in a plethora of publications, including blogs such as Mashable, techPresident, Tech Cocktail, Digital Inspiration, and Spin Sucks; newspapers such as Politico and PRWeek; and the book, What We Think: Young Voters Speak Out (2004). I’ve also spoken before organizations such as the American Marketing Association, Georgetown University, and the Department of Homeland Security. I graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Government and honors for my thesis on the Iraq war.


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