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How to Update Your Hiring Process for the Tech Generations

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When it comes to the job interview, some things just won’t change. Think about it — despite living in a digital age, hiring managers still knock interviewees down a peg for not bringing along a hard-copy of their resume. But, the fact of the…

4 Ways to Use Video Tech in the Recruitment Process

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Video interviewing is a recurring trend in the recruiting and staffing industries. In fact, more than 6 in 10 (63 percent) companies are currently utilizing video interviews in their hiring process. But, despite popular belief, video technology can be used in more ways than…

The Evolution of Video in the Workplace

The Evolution of Video in the Workplace

Just as The Buggles proclaimed in their 1979 hit, video really has killed the radio star. Last January alone, 190 million people nationwide watched an average of 397 videos online…each. While it might have taken a while before video was widely adopted in the workplace,…

The Influence of Video Chat on the Video Interview

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular with employers, recruiters, and job candidates alike. Seeing as video chat platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts have become commonplace in our lives, it’s no wonder video interviewing is being widely incorporated into the hiring and recruitment process….

3 Tech Tools to Hire Without Breaking the Bank

Technology has opened up our world with thousands of networking platforms flooding the vast digital landscape of the internet. You can have billions of search results in front of your eyes in 0.31 seconds, and photos from friends and strangers buzzing into your phone…

Take Your Startup to the Next Level by Ditching the Office

Can breaking free from the office help your startup lead the pack? Today, one in five employees worldwide work remotely at least part-time, and 10 percent of the earth’s workforce are full-time virtual employees. By 2016, projections estimate that 63 million Americans will embrace the telecommuting…