Josh has over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. His interests include data visualization, big data, and analysis as well as the intersection of journalism and technology.


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4 Underrated Email Productivity Hacks

The average person spends 28 percent of their work week reading and responding to emails. Imagine what you could achieve with just a few of those hours back. Email has become a constant interruption throughout the day, disrupting productivity for employees around the clock....


Should You Hire for Culture Fit or Talent?

When hiring your core team, do you choose talent over culture fit, or attitude over talent? This is probably one of the most pressing questions many companies today are struggling with, especially startups. When your company is just starting up, it is essential to hire ...


How to Hire a PHP Developer

PHP is used in more than 80 percent of all web projects as a server side language. Although many “experts” keep saying that it will die soon, it is still standing strong as one of the most important web languages there is. And with...


How to Hire an Android Developer

Android, Google’s open source mobile operating system, has changed the landscape of mobile computing in many ways. Since its inception, Android has become the dominant mobile platform, and has made its way into the realm of cars, TVs, wristwatches, and even video game ...


Classroom Management Enhanced by Technology

Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. One area which technology has a big impact on is the field of education. As technology evolves, so does the need for teachers to learn how to integrate technology in their classrooms. Today, let’s explore some useful ...