Joshua Kubicki is a business designer for the legal markets and a seasoned entrepreneur and intrapreneur. He helps startups and companies focused on the legal markets create new business models and revenue streams. Follow him at @jkubicki.


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Jurify: Lowers Cost and Time of Legal Research

Dallas-based startup, Jurify, is taking on one of the most challenging markets for any new entrant – the legal information and research industry. The stakes are high, but the current market is old, expensive, and dominated by a few key players. Any company that...


The State of Ohio Takes on Crowdfunding and SoMoLend

The State of Ohio has taken the first step in taking down a pioneering crowdfunding site but could also be critically wounding the State’s growing entrepreneurial clout. In balancing the interests of both startups and investors, Ohio is making it clear that investor ...


CitiLogics Connects Data to Water

Aging water infrastructure is one of our nation’s top priorities, according to the EPA.  With over 800,000 miles of piping and infrastructure leaking over 7 billion gallons of treated water daily, this priority creates an enormous opportunity for any company able to ...


Why and How You Should Give Advisor Equity

Free advice is often worth what is paid for it – nothing. Advice that is highly valued obviously will carry a higher price tag. But how to calculate the value of advice is challenging. Early-stage startups have an even more difficult time as they...


Differential is a Hands-On Incubator in Cincinnati

The Greater Cincinnati startup scene is diversifying and growing, which is creating opportunities for new types of startup launch platforms. Cincinnati-based Differential is a new company that is leveraging a different type of service and funding model to help startups ...


Lisnr Selected to Work with Trident Gum

Cincinnati-based Lisnr is on a roll with a recent achievement that promises to amp up the hype around this unique mobile app. Founded on Startup Bus last year, Lisnr is a mobile application that unlocks hidden rewards in your music. By “listening” to your...