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4 Financial Apps to Optimize Your Portfolio

finance apps

For many, earning money is less complicated than managing that money once it has been earned. For those fortunate enough to have personal financial advisors and brokers just a phone call away, these challenges have been managed and delegated, with a whole host of…

4 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Accounting

4 Reasons to Switch to Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting, also known as “online accounting” is the process of using computer hardware and software applications to do accounting online. Data is sent to the Cloud (the Internet, essentially), where it is processed and returned to the user. There are many …

6 Weird and Wonderful Uses of Thermal Imaging Cameras

thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras are advanced pieces of technology that can detect heat radiated by any object or living creature. First developed by a Hungarian physicist in the 1920s, thermography has come a very long way since. Thermal Imaging specialist, Michael French from …