Brad Haddin is a geek and he knows it. He loves exploring the latest trends in information technology and advocates on matters relating to online privacy, security and legalities of P2P file sharing. He is currently working as a consultant for several new start-ups and loves to write and teach people through his extensive experience working in different job roles. When he is not writing, he travels to picturesque destinations and exotic locations.


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8 Online Security Tips for Startups

A report, published by Moya K. Mason highlights the fact that there are approximately 150 million startups being launched every day by 300 million people the world over. Out of these, only one-third make it to the first three months after the initiation process.;...


6 Time Management Tips to Boost Skills and Productivity

Time management is the basic requirement for success in your personal and professional life. Managing multiple tasks in less time is the real skill for anyone. Sometimes, you may feel overburdened; as if you are running short of time and have plenty of tasks...